Saturday, May 30, 2009


In case you didn't know, it's officially the weekend.

During the last few weeks of school the weekends are even more vital in maintaining sanity. Let me tell you that the last days of school are absolute chaos. There are assembly's, parties, concerts, showcases, and kids are going here, there, and everywhere. Oh and of course there is trying to find time to get in the last end of the year assessments so we have some evidence that the students actually learned throughout the year.

But, it's the weekend and I'm not thinking about school.
Today the kids and I are heading to Philly for a Picnic with a Purpose. Jo-Lynne has worked with the Motherhood and Hebrew National to organize a picnic where local blogger are getting together to have a great time, but also impacting our community. We are taking donations for the Home of the Sparrow to help women and kids. Last night I went out and picked up some household products, plus some bags of outdoor toys for the kids, and some gift boxes with spa lotions, pedicure products, and nail polish for the women. I figure every women deserves to have pretty toes, right??

I'm not so excited about the long drive though. It should take about 2 1/2 hours, but it's race weekend here in Dover so I'm nervous about traffic we may run into around there. At least Shannan is riding with me so I'll have somebody to talk to. Hoping since we're heading out mid afternoon that we'll miss the heaviest. I think we will be returning late enough to miss it all too. Crossing fingers and toes!

Tomorrow will definitely be my down day. I don't really have anything planned except making some biscotti for a volunteer tea at school next week. I'm thinking a trip to the beach may be in the works!

What are doing this weekend??


  1. Have a good trip!

    Here I need to catch up on chores...the yard needs to get mowed and the upstairs toilet needs a new float valve. :p

  2. I know the last-days-of-school experience all too well!

    I'm heading out to the lake for the weekend. Can't wait to get some fishing in!

  3. Have a great weekend. We have 11 school days left, and I can barely stand it! I am so ready to be done!

  4. I hope you had a great time. SO JEALOUS I'm not a Philly blogger sometimes!


  5. Just discovered your blog from Jo-Lynne's and am enjoying reading. I think you and I might be in the same area of NASCAR country or close by. (You can email me privately, if you wish.) Hope you didn't get caught in much race weekend traffic before or after the Picnic with a Purpose.


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