Friday, May 29, 2009


The other night we took a walk after dinner and found a patch of honeysuckle.

They smelled so sweet and it brought back memories of my childhood. Growing up there was a patch of honeysuckle near the woods by our house. My brother and I would visit frequently, pinching the bottom and sucking out the sweet ambrosia.

Of course I had to show Zoe the trick.

The honeysuckers, as Zoe called them, were a great treat.
Isn't it wonderful how something so small can bring such great pleasure?!


  1. I remember sucking on them as a kid too... I don't know if they grow here.

  2. they smell gorgeous - i love having my window down and catching a whiff as i drive by! :)

  3. oh the find memories as a child. The closest honeysuckle to us is on the walk to take Phabian to school but is up on a hill covered with weeds. I do however rejoice in the smell everytime we pass it.

  4. It's true the simplest things in life are so wonderful.And she is adorable Mel ;-)

  5. Love those pictures. I have never been a "Honeysucker"- I will have to give it a try.


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