Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Role of the Blog

I wrote about my Facebook Illiteracy and Twitter Addiction, but in the midst of all these new fandangled social sites, I'm beginning to wonder what role my blog plays.

Like many other mommybloggers, I began my blog to keep our distant relatives up to date on what was happening in our lives or mainly my children's lives because let's be honest...nobody ever really cares about the parents!

Anyways, after I became more familiar with the blogosphere and discovered other mommybloggers who I could relate with my blog sort of transformed. Sure, I still write about the day to day adventures of our crazy family, what the kids have been up to, and add current pictures of them, but my blog has also became a little more me centered. I started sharing my weight loss journey, my running aspirations and accomplishments, teacher stories, and of course the random posts of my ramblings too.

With the transformation of my blog, I have also enjoyed watching my readers grow. I crave the comments and look forward to what people have to say about my thoughts, pictures, or ramblings. I like that people read for different reasons, some joining me for my weight loss journey, others relating to my teacher stories, and others here just because I'm a mommy too. My niche: my life. I love the fact that my blog truly encompasses all the pieces from the box of chocolates that is my life.

Now that I have rambled on and on about my blog, how much I enjoy it and the whole blogosphere, let me get to my point or question.

What role does my blog play with other social media sites out there?

This is where I share my thoughts, my pictures, my links, my life. Why do I need Facebook? Isn't it kind of redundant? Can't my "friends" just come here to see what I'm up too? Twitter is different so I can see how it and my blog could coincide, but once again not getting Facebook.

Maybe I should just throw in my hat and bid Facebook goodbye.

Before I do though, let me ask you...

What role does your blog play within all the other social media sites?


  1. I've mentioned before that if you're not into Facebook then it's okay to throw in the towel there. No worries.

    I do my blog & Facebook. I just couldn't get into Twitter...I haven't looked into it enough, but to me it seemed that Twitter was for the texting with the phone group of folks and I don't text.

    I also have a bunch of message boards that I go to for my homeschooling group...we're a chatty bunch and a few of them hang out on my blog & are my Facebook friends too.

    You do what works for you though...don't worry about us. Do you want a Farewell to Facebook party? ;)

  2. For me, my blog was started, for me. lol Seriously, I don't share it with my family, mainly because I want it to be MINE to be able to write about what I want, including my family, if I feel like it.

    With Facebook, I use that to keep in touch with my old highschool friends. I don't post blog info on there. And I don't post Facebook info on my blog.

    Two seperate things for me. And both are pretty private. I only give the info to those I want to have it, lol.

    I tried Twitter once... never got the hang of it, so I deleted my account.

  3. I like AmyG started my blog for myself not to acumilate lots of followers to hear me rave like a mad lunatic. I blog sometimes to vent and get my mind clear. It can be a great stress reliever. I twitter cuz I love reading what others are doing. I currently have over 600 followers and I think I have a pretty boring life as a stay at home mom. Lately twitter has became unfun for me. Seems like alot of ppl uses it to chat more than anything. I just think it ruins twitter for me!! I use facebook for family & close friends and only select few "online friends" I try not to post links on there about my blogs there has been times I've posted some really private things on my blogs. It's weird I don't care if perfect strangers but not ppl I've known most of my life.

  4. Interesting...I love the blog, because I don't like thinking in 140 characters or less. Twitter I use for business networking...Facebook to share photos and funny things with friends I don't see much and my personal blogs to wax poetic and/or rant! I think you just have to do what works for you. Choose your favorite and go with it especially if you aren't looking to monetize.


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