Friday, April 3, 2009

It's case you didn't know!

Thankfully this week didn't feel that it dragged on, but still I am thrilled that it is Friday. I am definitely experiencing spring fever and cannot wait for vacation next week. Speaking of which only 7 more days till I am on my way to sunny skies and warm days. We have decided to take to the road and head south...way south...even south of South of the Border...all the way to FLORIDA.

We are very lucky because my in laws have a house in Florida near the beach and only about an hour away from Orlando. Free accommodations with food...gotta love that. Oh and my mother in law can cook so I can't wait!!! We're hoping to spend one day at SeaWorld in Orlando since we've never been and gramma and grampy so kindly agreed to watch the kiddos another day so Dave and I could spend a day at Universal Studios. Since having the kids, whenever we go to amusements parks one of us has to ride while the other waits with the kids and then we switch. Not much fun. This time we can actually get on roller coasters and rides together...what a concept!! I cannot wait.

More than anything though, I just can't wait to spend time with the family. It seems like lately things have just been so hectic as we run here and there. I have noticed my patience running very thin and my voice becoming much louder as of lately. I'm getting on my own nerves so I can only imagine how my kids and Dave must feel. Being nice has not been my strong suit these past couple of weeks. So taking time to run away and just relax with the family will be refreshing. I need to love on my kids, take walks with them, play games, and just experience life with them. I know I can do all of that here too, but if I'm away I don't have the laundry, dishes, dust, dirty floors, and everything else staring me in the face. I don't have my calendar filled, work to go to, daycare drop offs, homework to check, blah, blah, blah.

No agenda.
Just empty days.
Bring it on.
Can you tell I'm just a wee bit excited??

What about you?
I know some of you already celebrated spring break. Did you do anything special?
If you are like me and counting down the days until spring break, what are your plans?


  1. I love spring for all the newness and the pretty colors that will soon arrive. The best part is that Easter will soon arrive. It reminds me that my purpose on earth is to live a life that is pleasing and honoring to God, who sacrificed His own son so that I can have eternal life. I love celebrating the Resurrection Day!!!

  2. oh that's so awesome that you have a free place to stay there!

    We used to live in Tampa but would still get a room when we went over. I've been to that Sea World and remember it as a very nice place. (I've also gone to the one in TX & CA) We've never done Universal. So nice that you'll have free child care.

    as for our Spring Break...well our gymnastic class took this week off, but DD's confirmation class will take next week off (but the gym will be open!) So we really didn't get any break. Oh and I'm sick this week too. This track system our schools have got going really messes everything up. I would like to suggest to the gym that they take off for Holy Week, but I'm sure all the parents bug them to take off the week their kids are out of school. :p

    Have an awesome trip!

  3. Oh have FUN!! We have a 2-week Spring Break which already started, but we had my Dad here visiting. Next week is for house and yard projects. Originally we were going to head to Legoland etc. but we just have too much to do. We will try to take a 1-day fun side trip.

  4. I am still here ;-) I am not a shredhead but I just bought Leslie Sansone's CD and was going to start Friday but threw my back out. OUCH!!



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