Friday, January 2, 2009

Oh Yeah The Resolutions

With the coming of the New Year always comes those resolutions.
Never one to miss out on setting some goals though here is what I will be doing for the New Year.

I WILL spend daily time with my Father through a devotional and prayer.
If you have a devotional that you enjoy tell me the title because I'm on the search for one.

I WILL spend more time having fun with my family.
No longer does daddy just get to be the fun parent. Cleaning and laundry can wait, I'm going to enjoy life with my kids!

I WILL spend more ((ahem)) quality ((ahem)) with my hubby.
That's all I'm saying on that subject.

I WILL become more financially responsible by NOT be using credit cards for purchases.

I WILL reach my goal weight and STAY there for the rest of the year.
(I know, cliche, but I'm determined!)

Did you make some New Year resolutions/goals? Leave me the link to your post so I can come cheer you on. Happy New Year!!


  1. I wish you the best of luck with all of those. I think the #3 is the hardest. ;) Cuz after #2 I've had about enough! LOL!

  2. There are a couple of devotionals that I get daily thru my email. One is from Joel Osteen. It's really revelant to the world today. Another is Proverbs 31. It's a women's devotional that I think you'd enjoy, especially in reading your resolutions. :) They are more geared toward the woman.
    Let me know what you think.

  3. Hey Melissa! I read your blog daily!! Good luck with the New Year's resolution.

  4. Those are some terrific resolutions! I especially like number #3...LOL!

  5. Great resolutions!

    I love the study No Other Gods by Kelly Minter. You get it at Lifeway.

  6. I did one too!

  7. ok, you just wrote my exact resolutions! girlfriend, we can do it! WE MUST DO IT!

  8. Hey girlfriend, WOW great resolutions...wish you ALL the luck with yours!!! I'm terrible....I don't make any. But really the ones you picked are the BEST ones to hope for and aim for!!! Love to you!!

  9. Great resolutions. We have some of the same goals.

  10. Sounds like good resolutions to me! I actually have 2 posts: and Hope to see you around my part of the blogosphere! I just added you to my reader and can't wait to read more!

  11. Excellent goals for 2009!


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