Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thanks for Letting Me Know

This morning, the kids and I headed to the grocery store bright and early. Why so early? Because we had absolutely nothing in our fridge or cupboards so we had to go buy some breakfast too. There's a Starbucks in the grocery store so I enjoyed a wonderful Peppermint Mocha Twist and a croissant while the kids had hot chocolate, chocolate milk, a muffin, and gingerbread cookie. What a way to grocery shop!!

We came home after our two hour trip. No, I am not exaggerating. We were gone TWO HOURS. Of course, I did make a quick stop to the liquor store on our way home (after a grocery trip with two kids, a moms gotta do what a moms gotta do), but honestly that was only about 10 minutes, if that. I was just going to put the groceries away, but for some reason the dirtiness of my refrigerator spoke to me and I decided I really needed to clean it out and scrub it down before putting the new groceries away.

As I was in the process of doing this, Zoe came to see what I was doing. As she peered into the refrigerator, she wrinkled her nose and exclaimed...

"Mommy, that is absolutely disgusting. I can't even look at it. You really need to clean it up."

Um, ya think? Could that be why I am on my knees with the sponge in my hand?
I can't wait till she is old enough to become my maid!!!
That why we have daughters, right?

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  1. That is so funny. I, too, wish I had someone to do that kind of stuff for me!

    Doesn't it feel good to have a fridge full of food and drinks?!?!? I love it!

  2. Thank Gawd someone else has a dirty fridge, I am afraid to open mine!
    Yes daughter's are great maids but beware my sister has a Cinderella complex. 26 yo and she still whines about being the maid, and even says she was like Cinderella:)

  3. My 10 y/o thinks that I make her do "EVERYTHING!" when in fact I make her do hardly anything. sigh!

    Yeah, my frig needs a lot of cleaning does all that gunk get in there?

  4. Ohhh, MY fridge is all kinds of nasty right now. Thing is, my little girl LIKEs to help scrub it out. A few months back, she was helping me, scrubbing the bottom shelf and singing to herself. You guessed it, "It's a Hard Knock Life." We happened to be in a big Annie phase at the time! =)

  5. funny... I was just reading another post where the blogger posted pics of her fridge contents and cringed at the very thought of mine.

    TODAY. **today** I shall conquer that ick.
    I hope...


  6. Hi! Just found your blog through BL site and enjoyed reading your post. Mine (my fridge!) has needed a good scouring for probably a year, ugh. Kidding - er...nine mos. I have a son, but he's married with kids. And I couldn't possibly get my granddaughters to do it - cause in in my nature to spoil them rotten!
    You gotta feel better though!

  7. too funny! Im still waiting for my maid as well.... unfortunately all she does is mess things up, she has no clue what it is to CLEAN anything up. hmm.......

  8. Yep! That's why I had five of 'em :) We even call our oldest Cinderelly as a joke!


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