Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Brother Bear

I can't believe it has been 8 years since our family of two grew to three.
Since then my once 8lb baby boy has grown into my little man.
He amazes me how he absorbs information and is so darn smart.
He makes me laugh with his sense of humor.
He makes my heart melt with his tender kisses and soft "I love yous."
He loves unconditionally.
He teaches me to stop and enjoy the little things.
He takes his role as big brother very seriously (both the teasing and protecting parts!)
He treasures his friends.
He dreams big dreams.
He gives me hope for our future generation.
He makes me proud to be known as his mommy!!
Happy 8th Birthday, Brother Bear!!

I love you!!

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  1. So sweet! Happy Birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Dylan! I'm glad you are my friend.

    Love, Faith

  3. Happy Birthday to your wee one! My WonderGirl turned 8 this month too!

  4. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you got a kid there!

  5. Happy Birthday Dylan!!!!
    Bonne FĂȘte! :)

    Hope you guys had a super duper day! :)

  6. While Josiah was saying his prayers the other night he prayed for Dylan, as usual. And then he stopped to say that Dylan was still his bestest friend and that he hopes he can see him soon.
    Happy Birthday Dyl!! We hope to see you soon

  7. Yay!!! Happy Bday Dylan!!! :)

    LOVE the new look for Xmas, girl!!!!! :D


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