Sunday, December 14, 2008

Good Morning to Me

As I stumbled into the kitchen this morning to start making my coffee this is what I encountered

Oh yes, good morning to me!

I'm looking at the bright side though...
at least I don't have to to feed the cat for awhile!


  1. Mel, I almost shot my coffee (with vanilla caramel creamer, BTW) on to the screen! Hilarious!! Thanks for the good morning laugh!

  2. Hey! A self feeding cat! How neat is that? hee hee

    I guess it's time to lock up the kitty food.

    What I don't get is we keep my dog's food in a plastic continer right there in the room she stays in...and she's never tried to get into it. I think if she were motivated she could just knock off the lid, but she doesn't. Oh well.


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