Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday - Decorating for Fall

I've never really gotten into the whole decorating for fall. That is until this year. Lately I've been tackling the house and giving it a festive fall feeling.

My first part of getting ready for fall was making sure the house smelled just right. I'm not a big candle fan in the summer, but as soon as the cool weather rolls around there is nothing better than the smell of pumpkins and cinnamon. So my first step to getting ready for fall was lighting this...

As far as decorations, here are a couple pictures of what I've done so far...

Our dining room table all decorated for Halloween with fresh, fall flowers.

The fireplace decked out in scarecrows and pumpkins.

I also picked up the cutest deep red rug with embroidered leaves, some new fall placemats (to use after we put away our Halloween ones), and some cute bath towels for our guest bathroom. I'm still looking for a fun, fall wreath for the front door! I also have to tackle the outside with scarecrows, signs, and bat lights for Halloween. Not to mention we have to make our annual trip to the pumpkin patch to find just the right pumpkin, or two, or three, or five!

Even though there's lots more to do, it's definitely beginning to look a lot like fall around here.

Now if we could just get the cool weather I would be set to go. I am way over this yucky humid weather we've been having!

Do you decorate for fall? If so, what are some of your favorite decorations? I'd love to see some pictures. Matter of fact I dare...no double dare...you to take some pictures of your house decorated for fall and post it over at your place. I could use some more ideas!


  1. We do decorate! I'll try to get some photos tonight. We don't do a whole lot, but I have a gorgeous wreath on the front door, an autumn leaves tart burner, and some other decorations. My husband is actually more into the decorating than I am!

  2. Same as you, don't normally decorate for fall but I plan to this year. Decided to wait until we get back from vacation to put up some cornstalks, pumpkins and a scare crow. Hope to keep the pumpkins on our porch and not in the streets!

  3. well ever since Abraham came around, I stopped putting up my decorations, because all he does is play with them. I really dont have much in the way of decorations but I LOVE to decorate for the seasons. We are going to the Darlington Apple Festival this coming weekend so hopefully I can find something new!

  4. I sooo decorate for Halloween. I probably do more than I do for Christmas. We turn our front yard into a huge graveyard. For November I put out a huge blow up turkey and other fall decor. My husband thinks I go a little overboard, but who cares!!!!

  5. ooooo nice!
    I can just smell your candle from here - such a good idea! Can I steal it from you? ;)
    I don't decorate :( Our house is just too tiny, everything doesn't have its place yet (we moved here a little over a year ago...) so putting decorations on top of piles of stuff wouldn't make sense, hee hee hee...
    Oh I wish I could do it!! But in the meantime, I can just look at your lovely decorations ;)

  6. I love the flowers on your table.

  7. The mantle iny our house matches the color of your blog, ha ha!

  8. Love your home.

    Come by and see me!!!!

    I have two blog post this Tuesday.
    Photos of our typical morning on my personal blog at http://heartofwisdom.com/heartathome

    and an explanation of Changes at my homeschool blog

  9. I've carted the halloween decoration boxes up from the basement but that's as far as I've gotten!


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