Monday, September 29, 2008

It's Fall, Y'All

In case you haven't noticed another season is upon us...It's Fall!!

Now if you know anything about me, you probably know how much I love summer. My two top at the beach and summer's off from school (I'm a teacher in case you forgot). But I also love flip flops, summer dresses, ice cream, beach fries, bbq's, and a great tan.

However, I have to say that when I go back to school I look forward to FALL. There is just something about the cool, fresh air, and all the vibrant colors. I look forward to putting on my jeans, wearing a light sweater, visiting the pumpkin patch, buying some mums, and decorating for fall.

Speaking of decorating...come back on Tuesday to see what I tackled this week, hint, hint!

With the coming of fall also comes the busy days. It's starting a new school year, celebrating Zoe's birthday, into Halloween, then Thanksgiving, onto Dylan's birthday, Christmas, and a finally a New Year. Of course in between each comes all the planning, preparation, and shopping! Oh and this year I also have a baby shower I'm planning and a trip to New York. Pshew. I'm exhausted already.

What about you? What is your favorite thing about fall? Do you find it is a busy time of the year or is it a time to relax after a busy summer?


  1. I'm a fall lover. I love the crisp mornings, the brillian colors, and even the smells of fall. Unfortunately it brings on winter. BLAH on winter in Wisconsin. Especially if we have one like last winter with waaay more snow than "normal." I also love decorating for Halloween. can't wait!

  2. I like fall for the foods, like carmel apples and apple cider, but otherwise, I am not a fan. I dread fall because I know winter comes next!

  3. Fall is busy around these parts (lots of birthdays/family stuff in addition to everything else)--but it's fun. I love the change in weather, the lack of humidity, the yummy food, and the deep rich's a good thing :)

  4. I luv Fall and my favorite is Winter. Here in Texas it gets cold, but it's still enjoyable. And above all it's football season!! Plus Halloween is my family's favorite holiday (maybe even over Christmas)!!! We go all out!

  5. Phew indeed! You are one busy lady!!
    It's a good thing that Fall brings some nice colors and cooler weather, it'd be tough otherwise... I find about Fall that it's really a time of change - it makes you very busy and it's a bit scary at times, but it's always exciting and fun...!
    My favorite part of Fall is pumpkin pie and spices... :) My time of year where i get to make pumpkin cupcakes, and they are to die for... but not point friendly :)

  6. Like I said on my blog, I am a fall lover, but it is a VERY busy time of year!

  7. I love the weather (that being said it's supposed to be 25C here several days this week... holy hot!) I like the colours and that I don't have to mow the lawn anymore (or shovel yet).

  8. It is a busy time - back to school, all the holidays and school events to go with the holidays, company. Then again, is there a time of year that isn't busy??

    I don't like winter 'cause I don't like to be cold (it doesn't even get cold here compared to where I grew up, but when the weather drops into the 50's - I get grumpy).

    And I like spring, but it's busy, too with spring break, Easter, events and then the end of school.

    OK - Where's Summer?! :)

  9. It's REALLY busy. Truly. With homeschooling, I am never home and my schedule is so full. I don't know, if i like Fall, but I know I like Summer a lot. At least for the first 2 mos.



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