Monday, April 7, 2008

Operation Spring Weight Off - Week 2

The challenge started last week with our first weigh in and this is where I was. I am thrilled to say that I have had a super week. Every night I walked on the treadmill for about 45 minutes at 3.5mph with a 5-6 incline. I did wonderful with my water although that really isn't a problem for me since I seem to drink tons while teaching. The veggies and fruit counts weren't too bad either although I only made all 5 maybe 3 days. Most of the time I would get 3-4 in. I did struggle with staying within my points! I am now at 20 points a day and let me tell you that it is hard to stay in that range. I have given up the 100 calorie packs and really tried to cut back, but even on really good days I am still over by 2-4 (that is counting my activity points) and on not so great days I am over by 6-7. Yuck!! Last week I didn't really start counting until Monday and figured that I probably used all my weekly allowance points from the weekend so I was disappointed in myself for not staying within the range.

Are you ready for the numbers?

Week 63 / -3lb / -43lb

So for the first week on Operation Spring Weight Off I am down 3lb! Wahoo! This puts me right on target to hit my goal weight by my b-day.

So far this week I am doing well. I am pretty much staying within my range. Saturday I was actually 1 point short as I was so involved in cleaning that I forgot to eat, yesterday I went over 7 points, but I did do walking as we shopped and more cleaning which were activity points that I didn't count. The extra points were also in my weekly allowance so as of now I am ok. Then today I used 2 WA points. I am trying to walk some more at school even if it is just around the room and have been parking further from stores to add a few more steps. I haven't walked on the treadmill, but have been so busy cleaning that I think I will be okay with activity. I am crossing my fingers for at least two pounds this week!!!

How was your week?
Wanna join me and get some weight off...go sign up. Also, don't forget to check in with some of the other great bloggers who stepped up to the plate.


  1. Mel, congrats! 3 pounds is awesome!!

  2. WTG Mel... that is grand. And you are doing good too with overall weight loss. We can do just as good this week. Let's do it!!!


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