Sunday, April 6, 2008

Oh so sore, but work to be done

After getting so much accomplished yesterday I am inspired to keep going today especially since it is a dreary, rainy day outside. My goal is to tackle Dylan and Zoe's room once again organizing, decluttering, and for goodness sakes downsizing some toys and books! This should be fun (she says with a grimace). Maybe I should send daddy out with them for a few hours.

While I have been on this cleaning, organizing spree a nice shopping list has formed from the cleanliness so depending on how long the kid's room takes I may have to make a Target run (she says with a ginormous smile).

What's your plan for the day?


  1. WOW! What a weekend! Don't you feel so proud of yourself after a weekend like that?

    Have fun at Target! (I'm totally jealous. I LOVE buying organizing supplies! Hee hee!!)

  2. did you make it to target??


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