Saturday, March 22, 2008

Vacation Update

We spent yesterday at Legoland, which was quite an experience. First of all, I had no idea that Lego's were so popular. We waited for at least 45 minutes for many rides and I honestly think it was busier than Disney! The kids had a blast though riding some rides and checking out all the Lego's. We ended up opening and closing the park. Enjoy the pictures from yesterday!

On our way home we took a scenic route along the ocean through Carlsbad, Encinitas, and La Jolla. BEAUTIFUL! Definitely where I would want to live although would never be able to afford it. Along the cliffs of the ocean were RV parks where everybody was camped out. The smell of bonfires and ocean...can it get any better??!! We were able to watch the sunset over the ocean, which was gorgeous.

We just drove through, but I think today or on Monday we may go through and make some stops. There were tons of sushi restaurants and I wouldn't mind trying one.

Today I think we are going to take a slow day and just follow our noses. We have tickets to the zoo, but considering that we all have some rosy faces and arms and have been going, going, going, a day of just moseying around sounds good. We're thinking maybe the beach, old towne, and the gas lamp district. I hear a little shopping in my future!!

Enjoy your Saturday!!

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