Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Don't you wish she was your friend?

I have been meaning to share with you just how wonderful my friend, Bek, is!!

The other day, when things were not going well with my Board's, work was rolling out of control, and I wasn't feeling well, I got this in the mail...

Yes, that would be a whole box of brownies!!! My oldest friend (no, not by age...she is actually young friend) obviously knows me better than anybody had sent me this gift from heaven. There were many different kinds of brownies from mint chocolate, coconut, peanut butter, white chocolate, chocolate chip, and more. Every one was absolutely delicious...soft and chewy. If you have a reason to send somebody something to brighten their day you should definitely check this out. Forget the flowers...send chocolate!!!

Thank you so much Bek (and Josh too for knowing me so well!). I love you and am so blessed to have known you for practically my whole life!!! I can't express in words how much the surprise meant to me. You ROCK!!!


  1. wow.
    now THAT is a great friend. chocolate solves all of life's problems, does it not ;-)

  2. (crying) and thats all about all I can say. oh and you are welcome =)

  3. Back in 1978 I know that Taco Bell was offering tacos at $.25 each!! Enjoy the place where it all got started. Love ya, mom


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