Saturday, March 29, 2008

Disneyland - Day 6 Spring Vacation

For the past three spring breaks we have visited DisneyWorld in Florida. I am a big Disney fan and being able to take the kids there has been so much fun. Since we weren't going to Florida for our vacation this year and heading west instead we decided to spend one day in Disneyland. I was really looking forward to the visit and considered it the climax of our vacation. However, I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed. First of all Disneyland is pretty much a miniature of Disney world...even Aurora's castle was tiny compared to Cinderella's. Also, since the park is in such a compact space the walkways were narrow and considering how busy it was I felt very crowded, which is something I never felt in Disney World. I did hear some people commenting that it was unusually crowded probably with the spring vacationers and this seemed to affect the rides too because many of them broke down or were shut down. We didn't even get to ride "It's a Small World" or the carousel because they were being updated, two rides we were in line for when they broke down (that would be after we had waited about an hour for each), and one ride broke down as we just got into the car. Not fun! I was also surprised that after waiting and being on the ride when it broke down that we were never offered any kind of fast pass or anything. Because of all the wait time for rides, some of which we never did get to ride, we didn't even get to see half of the park. And we probably never will considering that Dave and I agree that we would much rather spend our money going to Disney World than going back to Disneyland. Now I don't want to be completely down about the visit because we did have fun spending time together. Dylan and Zoe both got on a couple of roller coasters, including the Matterhorn that was a pretty big. The Princess part was also very cool as Zoe listened to Snow White tell a story and we got to attend a royal coronation where Zoe and I danced the day away. The night time shows were awesome and definitely beat Disney World's. We got to see Fantasmic, something we always missed at Disney World. It was incredible with big ships, laser lights, and pictures playing on water, not to mention Mickey fighting a monstrous dragon. The fireworks were also amazing and Tinkerbell was much better at Disneyland because she flew back and forth a few times, which Zoe loved. We did manage to get on Nemo at 10:30pm and were thrilled with the ride. You got to get on a real submarine and the ride took you through a coral reef where there were screens playing part of Nemo. A must do if you are heading to Disneyland anytime soon!! Many memories were made and of course I captured some with my camera...enjoy!!!

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