Friday, March 28, 2008

Beverly Hills - Day 5 Spring Vacation

Monday was a travel day for us as we said goodbye to San Diego and headed north to Anaheim for a day at Disneyland. Since we had all day we went a bit further north into L.A. with my personal destination of Rodeo Drive. Of course, Dave could have most definitely lived without this little side trip, but I just had to do it! We headed into Beverly Hills and just followed the Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, Mercedes, and BMW's, to Rodeo Drive. Honestly, how do all these people make so much money? I must be in the wrong profession! We had a fun lunch at the Beverly Hills Diner...the ONE place we could afford to eat lunch 90210. Then we took a stroll down Rodeo Drive. It was a lot like 5Th Avenue in NY except much quieter and much cleaner, but mostly the same shops.

After Beverly Hills we headed back south going into Hollywood. Dave and I had both forgotten about the Walk of Fame until we went by all the people hanging out there. I hopped out of the car to get a pix of a star, but we didn't stay long. Instead we headed back to check in to our new hotel. Of course it took us f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to get anywhere in that traffic. You could not pay me enough to have to travel those freeways everyday! Once we checked in to the hotel the kids swam in the frrreeezzzing pool and I rested my weary legs in the hot tub. We then drove to Downtown Disney and walked around a bit. We were going to have dinner at Rainforest Cafe, but once we discovered we wouldn't be eating until 9pm opted to go somewhere else. We ended up going through the KFC drive through and taking it back to the hotel. We lucked out with our room since we were on the 9th floor and faced Disney we were able to enjoy the fireworks show in our pj's laying on our bed. All in all a pretty slow day, especially considering the traffic we sat in, but it was nice to rest up for our day at Disney.

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