Saturday, January 19, 2008


So for the past 6 hours I have not left my couch and my computer has not left my lap, but I'm happy to report that the rough draft of one of my Board's entry's is finished!! Now all I need to to do is distribute it to some lucky people who will read and critique. This part kind of scares me because while I am okay taking criticism on the outside, you know smiling, nodding, agreeing, and discussing...on the inside I take it quite personal and get kind of witchy about the whole thing. Thank goodness in this case what's on the outside matters the most! I do always take other's opinions into consideration and because this is so important you better believe I am taking all the feedback I can get!!! I am hoping that by end of January this entry will be finished with the final copy printed and ready to go.

So now I am off to soak in the tub and read a good book. I would love to have a glass of wine, but I definitely do not have the points because I discovered that as I type, I get an incredible sense to munch. So let's just say I have NO points left for today and would need to walk a few, many, miles to earn enough activity points to put me even close for staying OP. Oh well at least I have something to show for the points!

Hope you all have had a productive day!!

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  1. Great job and I am sure that it is such a relief! I find that I snack at the computer too. Lately, if I get the urge to munch I try and have a few sticks of celery before I dig into something salty and crunchy. I usually end up enjoying the celery instead or at least cut down on the extra points that I eat.


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