Saturday, January 19, 2008

Okay, I'm really going

I am so excited for the 3 day weekend! Happy Birthday, MLK and thanks for letting me celebrate with you!!

So far it has been a pretty quiet day. Sitting in pj',s in front of the fire, and procrastinating once again on my Boards. I have gotten 2 loads of laundry done, 1 load of dishes, baked banana muffins, chatted with my sis-in-law, mom, MIL, and caught up on this week's "What Not To Wear" on the DVR. See, I haven't been ALL lazy!

Tomorrow we are heading to my brother's house to see his and Lizann's new place. I'm excited to run away and I am sure the day will be filled with laughter, teasing, and lots of Wii!! Wii all love to play Wii!! Speaking of which I danced the night away on the Wii last night and now I can barely walk. No pain, no gain though so hurting is good. So good I may just go play some more right now...

Just kidding, I am off to finish Entry Four of my portfolio for the Boards...really I'm going...
R-I-G-H-T N-O-W!!

Pray for me!!!

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