Monday, October 15, 2007

Glad That's Over

Our weekend was packed full and I am thoroughly exhausted, which is not good on a Monday with a full school week ahead!

Last week was hectic enough and it just continued on right through the weekend. Starting with Friday when I headed home from school to work on picking up the house since my parents, two brothers, and sis in law were coming in for the weekend and would be staying at the Tuttle B&B. When Dave got home from work, I was then off to the outlets in search of coordinating clothes for a family picture that we had scheduled on Saturday. I got home around 9:30 to finish picking up a bit more and then crashed on the couch while waiting for my parents to get here.

Saturday things just kept rolling! We had soccer, of course, then a trip to Mickey D's, and a run through Giant for dinner and b-day party food. Once we got home we started prepping for a big fondue night we had planned that included crab fondue, with steak and chicken too. Then we had to get nine people showered and dressed for a family picture on the beach...did I mention we had coordinating outfits. YIKES! We did make it to the beach though and my friend, Keith, was the photographer so he was very patient with all of us. I can't wait to see the pictures! Then the whole family plus Keith and Karlin (his wife) came back the house for our fondue feast. The evening then was finished with some Wii action. I swear if anybody was looking in our front window they would have had lots of laughs as people were all over the living room kicking, punching, swinging, tooo funny. Another jam packed day, but full of fun.

Then Sunday came bright and early and it was time for Zoe's birthday party. 11 kids and 30 adults...why do I do this to myself?! The great thing is that the weather was absolutely beautiful so we set up some tables outside and between the huge slide (wait till you see the pix), the swing set, and buckets of toys, the party was a success, I think. Guests left around 3, my parents around 4, and we were off to swim lessons at 4:30. After swim lessons I did pick up a bit, but then we pretty much just crashed!!

So this morning came very early and included a field trip nonetheless! Things are slowly returning to normal although you wouldn't think this if you saw my living room right now. It looks like the pink aisle in your local toy store!

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  1. Wow! You DO lead a busy life...and I thought I had a hectic weekend. :) Hope your photos turn out perfectly - I suppose I should be thinking about Christmas family photos too, huh? :)


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