Thursday, March 1, 2007

Did you ever have one of those days?

Last week was full of "one of those days". As I mentioned in an earlier post, Dylan had his vomiting episode on Friday in the truck and was sick all day. Then on Sunday darn if Zoe didn't have a vomiting episode too, in the truck AGAIN! As we were getting back on track and catching up on sleep my hubby got it and was out of work for two days. Of course during this whole week I was washing my hands constantly, drinking orange juice by the gallons, and eating multi-vitamins like they were Hershey kisses, in hopes that the nasty bug would take pity on me and pass me by. My girlfriends and I had our girl's night planned for last Friday night and since I had missed January's there was not anything that was going to keep me away from our night out.

One of those days - part 1
So after making it through the week, Friday morning rolls around and of course my stomach begins gurgling and my temperature begins rising. Being the dedicated teacher that I am I still packed up my Vera bag and headed to school, OK so it wasn't the teaching that I was dedicated to, but the guilt I knew I would feel if I didn't go to school, but did make it to girls night! I actually didn't feel too rotten, besides the belly and going from extreme hot to extreme cold every 5 minutes. Somehow, I made it through the day (have no idea what I taught), went home, and got ready for dinner with my girls.

One of those days - part 2
So I get myself together and head out for the night. Dinner was planned for one our favorite sushi restaurants and they put us at a round table in the middle of their bamboo forest. We were having a wonderful time sipping our wine and catching up on the last month when the unthinkable happens. I am talking to my friend, Lyndie, who is seated across from me when I see a look of horror cross her face. I'm thinking, "Are the bamboo trees falling over or what!" When all of sudden everything became clear as I felt a heavy, cool, ceramic plate knock me over the top of my head! The waitress who was delivering sushi to the table behind me had graciously decided to share it with our table by pouring it on top of lucky me! Of course the entire restaurant became so silent you could hear the pieces of rice falling from my head. Thankfully my coat was on the chair behind me so the hood became a huge bucket that collected most of the fresh sushi. I was able to reach behind me and collect a couple more handfuls of seaweed, fish, and rice and then proceeded to pick all the little pieces of rice out of my hair (and I thought I was already having a bad hair day)! Thank goodness for Holly who came to my rescue and at least kept the sushi out of my pants. The poor waitress was so embarrassed and I must admit that I felt way worse for her than for myself. As Holly pointed out, we probably were the best table for this to happen to considering we have all been waitresses as some point and are pretty easy going. Thanks to Lyn too for commenting how I was the best person it could have happened know seeing how I am a mom and used to food going in all directions what's a little sushi! Eventually we got the mess cleaned up, received our food, and enjoyed our night out, of course with many outbursts of laughing as we reminisced about the ordeal. But, hey I got a free meal!!!

So whenever you think, "Oh gosh, not one of these days" just think it could be worse. Oh yeah and maybe you want to consider skipping the meal out that night!!! By the way, I did end up being up all night with the stomach bug that I guess decided I was not good enough to miss out on all the fun!

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  1. I'm thinking, "Are the bamboo trees falling over or what!"

    I laughed out loud from that point on. Very good retelling. I can just imagine you picking the rice out of your hair. I also laughed at your feeling guilty if you were to skip teaching but go out with the girls.

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