Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Zoe's 1st Haircut!!

Zoe had her first haircut on Saturday!
Her bangs had grown out to her chin, but the back was a few inches below her shoulders and were full of tangles in the morning which had been causing many tears. She is now sporting a new modern adorable bob. It was a little shorter than I wanted in the back, but she has had many compliments which makes her think she is "miz thang"! She flips the front back and shakes it all around so I guess she likes it. She look so grown up now and I can't help missing my little baby girl!!

I guess...Obladi life goes on!!


  1. What a doll! She is too cute! Abraham had his first haircut too this weekend... unfortunately we didnt have the camera. oh well, the way his hair grows, we'll be back!

  2. apparently I'm just going to keep following Erinn's comments. She beat me to the punch here for sure! I was going to say, WOW, she's adoreable! I loved the name Zoe for our Chloe...I just thought that Zoe Schmidt was too close to Zit! :) Ha!


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