Saturday, February 10, 2007

Valentine's Preparation

This is Dylan's first year really getting into the Valentine's thing since he is now in Kindergarten. Of course, that was after we reassured him that giving Valentine's to people didn't mean that you had to marry them! Our first Valentine's Celebration was to be today with a playgroup that we have been a part of for a couple of years now. So we worked hard on these last night making sure they were "BEE"utiful!

We wrapped yellow and black pipe cleaners together, added eyes, and wings, and created the cutest bumblebees. Then we put a tootsie pop through his tail and attached it to a foam heart that had a special valentine message, such as "Hap'bee' Valentine's Day", "BEE" mine, "I like BEEing your friend." It took some time with little hands, but the experiences and memories are priceless!

This Valentine craft came from, which is a great parent sight full of ideas that can usually be created by even the smallest hands and with minimal craft supplies too! Check it out sometime.

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