Friday, February 16, 2007

Such a lucky girl!!

I just had to share with you all what a wonderful husband that I have!! Usually Valentines Day is pretty low key for us...some cute cards, a nice dinner at home, and then snuggle time ;-), but this year, Dave surprised the heck out of me!!! On Valentine's morning he gave me my usual card with some lottery tickets and apologized for not getting me more, saying how hard it is to buy somebody something for Valentine's Day that wasn't chocolate. Of course, inside my head I was thinking well what about flowers, manicure gift certificates, jewelry, shoes, clothes, you get my drift. Anyways, I didn't say anything and the morning went as crazy as usual trying to get the kids and myself in the car and on our way to school. Of course we left 20 minutes late, knowing I had to stop at the bank, and discovered that my gas tank was on E which meant another stop at the gas station. Finally, I get to school a whole two minutes before the bell was going to ring to find a huge bag right inside the door. My student teacher said it was a gift for me and I thought, "Gosh, she is really on top of things to get me a gift for V-day". Then she explained that Lyndie (a friend who teaches across the hall from me) brought it in and it was from my hubby who had dropped it off at her house on Sunday. I told her there wasn't any way because Dave didn't think ahead like that! Boy was I absolutely wonderful husband had bought me the new Vera Bradley straw beach bag (just came out and I really wanted it) along with flowers and a little teddy bear that said "I love you" and was holding roses. Let me tell you the waterworks were happening!!! Of course, I called him right away and yelled at him for surprising me and making me cry when my students were walking in the door. I still, 2 days later, cannot believe all the trouble he went to in order to make my Valentine's Day special. I am truly blessed to have such a terrific guy in my life. Being married to my bestest friend is the greatest gift ever...but of course the Vera Bag and flowers were nice too :-)!

I love you sweetheart and thank you very much for making our marriage such a treasure!!!

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