Saturday, July 9, 2016

Sometimes you just have to write...about the first funeral

I've had an itch to write lately. There is something therapeutic about putting feelings and thoughts into words and letting them flow. It's been awhile since I've visited my blog. Today I spent some time reading old posts and recounting memories. There are a lot of memories recorded on this here blog considering it has been documenting my family's life since Dylan went off to Kindergarten and he will be heading into 10th grade this fall!

Today, was a pretty emotional day. One of Dylan's friend's dad passed away from brain cancer earlier this week and today was his funeral. Dave and I have kept open communication with Dylan throughout everything. We discussed the funeral and Dylan said that he felt that it would only be right that he attended. We are not friends with the family, but I told Dylan that I would be happy to go with him if he would like. His response, "No thanks, mom, I've got this."

This morning I dropped him off at the church to attend the funeral. Watching him walk into the church alone was painful. I ended up driving home with tears in my eyes as I thought about him experiencing his first funeral, thinking about his friend, wondering what to say, and how to act. I thought about his friend who lost his dad when he was so young and then thought about Dave and Dylan. I thought about his friend's mom who lost her husband and was now raising a young man (and a sister) on her own and then thought about me with Dave and our own two. I cried for Dylan and for the family.

When Dylan came home, he said he was glad he went. He sat with another friend during the service. I had prepared him for how the service would run and that there would probably be a luncheon of sorts afterwards. To keep things light I had joked with him to not eat all the free food because humor is how our family deals with stress! He told me he didn't actually eat anything because he just didn't feel like eating. That's how I know my son was touched by the experience.

I'm proud of him. He thought about his friend enough to put himself in an uncomfortable situation to show his support.  I made sure to tell him how proud he made me.

Then, this afternoon I spent time with my son, doing what he wanted to do. We played games, took a walk, he talked, I listened. Tomorrow is not a guarantee so for today I will enjoy every moment!
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