Sunday, January 11, 2015

I stumbled. I fell. But now I'm up and moving forward.

Along with getting back to blogging, there are a few other goals I've set for myself this year. I loathe the term New Year Resolutions, but I guess if the shoe fits!

I have started another blog (private for now) to use as a journal of sorts. I'm not quite sure where I'm actually going with it, but I had read an article about the importance of journaling and thought why not. My goal was to write daily, just a quick good, bad, and ugly sort of post. But, after 4 days, I stalled. Totally stumbled. Totally fell.

Along with journaling, the same article had mentioned beginning every morning by doing a 1 minute plank. Now the first day I tried, I got a whole 12 seconds in, I think, before I face planted. The next day I made it for 20 seconds though and I was up to 40 seconds on day 5. Then I stumbled. Totally fell.

Oh and then this blog. I had the intention of posting relatively often. Probably not daily, but often. But, the one post I did post this week? Yeah, I had written that one last weekend and then scheduled. So once again no blogging this week. Stumble...and fall!

But, you know what?
I'm good. It's all right.
What has happened won't define me.
Last week is over.
Today is new.
This week I move closer to my dreams. To my goals.!
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