Friday, November 23, 2012

Shopping Madness...Bring it On!

Are you a Black Friday shopper?

I am so one of those nutso people who will leave before the crack of dawn to go wait in line with all the other nutsos on Black Friday. There is just something about standing outside the stores with everybody else as we wait to begin the holiday shopping season. I absolutely love every minute of it even the pushing (of course I don't push), shoving (none from me btw), and waiting in lines (now that I do!). Hey, I did tell you I was nuts! 

Last year, I dragged my hubby and dad to Best Buy at 10pm on Thanksgiving where we waited in line until the store opened at midnight to score our Christmas tablets at awesome prices.  I don't think they minded too much as it was an electronic store. They were good sports though and went to the mall with me before heading home at dawn.

Usually I spend Thanksgiving morning pouring over the ads while enjoying the Macy's parade, strategically planning my attack for the next morning.  This year though, I'm disappointed to say that there isn't really anything that I must rush out to get in line for.  The kids want mostly specialty items that I'm probably going to have to order online and I haven't started putting my family lists together.
But, I can't just let my Black Friday shopping go so tomorrow it looks like my mom and I will be enjoying a day of shopping together with all the other mad shoppers.  Hopefully we'll score some deals on things I never knew I needed that perfect gift to give.
So who's going to be out with me?
What are you going to be on the hunt for?
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