Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dreams are Good, but Sometimes You Must Face Reality. And That May Be an Even Better Thing.

I've been blogging since 2006.
I've shared the good, the bad, and the ugly of our family during that time.
I love that this space is my own kind of digital scrapbook.  

When I first started, it seemed that many women were just starting their blogging adventures too.  I realize that many were already well established though.  I found some great friends who I loved connecting with online through their blogs then later Twitter and finally on Facebook.  It was great to be part of the community.

Then some of my bestest blogging buddies seemed to hit it big, making money with their blogs, getting awesome products, paid advertisement, fabulous trips...and the green monster bit me.  I wanted to be a big time blogger too.  I wanted to make money, get products, have people pay to advertise on my blog too.  I blogged my heart out, spent more time thinking about how to write about my life than actually living my life, I created a media kit, signed up to get as much free stuff as possible, and even attended a conference here or there.

I did get some cool products and made a little spending money, but I just didn't seem to be able to ever keep up with those other bloggers.

I decided I needed to go bigger so I started a hyperlocal blog, and facebook page, and twitter account.  I spent hours searching events in my area for families (meanwhile ignoring doing anything with my own family). I tried to blog, tweet, and facebook my way into being a top notch hyperlocal blogger.  I did get some sponsors, found some super cool family activities in my community, and discovered some local businesses I never knew existed.  I met some local business owners and established some connections that I truly cherish.  But, once again it just wasn't enough. I couldn't compete.

Lately, I've stepped back and evaluated all I'm doing.
I found myself getting stressed knowing that these blogs, facebook pages, and twitter accounts were sitting there and I wasn't dedicating any time to them.  They were mocking me. 

I'm the kind of person who when I do something, I must do it well. 

I was not doing any of this well.  I was so overwhelmed with the idea of trying to become one of the best that it sucked all the enjoyment out of what was once my favorite hobby. 

It was time to face the truth. While I love social media and everything it entails, it is not my career.  Nor will it every be.

I'm a teacher! 
I love what I do. 
I'm good at what I do. 
I make a difference in people's lives.
My career allows me summers off with my kids and I enjoy being with them rather than counting down days till summer camp or school starts again. I get to be home with my kids for every holiday and weekends.  I get to attend all the sports practices and meets/games.  Every night I get to eat dinner with my family.  I get to relax and not worry about balancing work and family when I'm home.  Meanwhile I get to impact other kids lives, I get to share my love of learning, I get to inspire minds, and I also get to climb a corporate ladder (I'm just slightly driven shall we say!), and I can totally see myself being a principal one day.  I'm proud of my career choice.  It is perfect for me.

So I've deleted all those extra "things".
I'm going back to the basics.
Blogging for me. Blogging for fun. Blogging to record the memories.

Dreams are good, but sometimes you have to face reality.
And sometimes the awesome thing is that we realize that our reality actually isn't that hard to face.

If you are still reading and got all the way here...THANK YOU!  I needed to write this. I appreciate those of you who still visit and read....and comment too (hint, hint) :-)

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