Saturday, April 21, 2012

I Want to Blog. Why Can't I?

I could write about surviving to see spring break,
or even our visit to Florida for spring break.
I mean we did go boating, fishing, beaching, along with visiting Disney and Legoland.
Oh and we drove the 17 hours to and from there.
One hour was even spent sit on the side of the road waiting for police to come after we watched a pickup truck roll down Interstate 95 right in front of us.
Yes, I should easily be able to write a post or two or four about tha.

I could talk about recently becoming a lacrosse mom,
talk about a dangerous sport.  WOW.
Or a winter swim mom,
considering the lax field and pool is where I spend four out of six nights a week.
The other two nights I'm at the gym for gymnastics which surely would provide some blog fodder.

Speaking of the gym,
my recent love of Combat Class and hatred (but I still find myself going every week) of Spin definitely deserve a post of their own.  Along with that I could talk about how much my scale hates me even if the gym loves me.  Not quite fair!

Oh yeah, and that 5K that I ran awhile back.  Never did get to talking about that. Did I?

A post on the confirmation that I really am a good teacher, at least based upon my students reading test scores, would also be doable.  Highlight of my school year, I tell ya!

 Of course, there is always all the funny stories that children provide.  The things that come out of their mouths.

Yes, life hasn't been dull for sure.
But for some reason, my stories just can't seem to make it to my screen.
I long for the time when it was just easy to sit down and write.
Share this, that, and everything.
Why can't I do it anymore???
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