Thursday, September 8, 2011

What Did I Do Before I Had Kids?

My days are filled with running here and there as I juggle school schedule, gymnastics, swim, doctors appointments, and all the other activities that come with having children.  As I was waiting at some place the other day I began to think about the days before I had kids.  It's been a long time, over 10 years if I'm counting. I couldn't help but wonder. What did I do with all that time on my hands?

I know I worked, but I still do so that's not different. It's what I did when I wasn't working that I wonder about.  All that time when I didn't have kids who needed to be at certain places at certain times. When I didn't have to feed little people. When I didn't have to think about baths and bedtimes? What did I do with all that open time?

Did I hang out with friends more?
Did I read more?
Watch more tv?
How did I fill all those hours?
Why can't I remember?

I can't help thinking that somehow I wasted some valuable time along the way.
If only I knew then how precious that time was!

Do you remember how you filled your days before your kiddos filled them?
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