Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Reality of This MommyBlogger's Life

5M4M has always been top of my reader list as I find the twin sisters always have something interesting to share.  The other day they were talking about the reality of mommybloggers and wanted to know what our lives as busy moms-who-blog really look like. They posed the following questions:
  • How do they do it all?
  • When do they fit in time to blog?
  • Do they view it as a full-time or part-time job or a hobby?
  • Are their families and off-line friends supportive?
  • Do they use daycare or other forms of childcare?
I decided to answer some of these questions right here on my blog and then link up to share after I posted.  I just love it when other blogs stimulate my own fodder!

So first up.

How do I do it all?
Easily.  I don't!  Unfortunately, I do at times try to do it all and often find myself completely overwhelmed, exhausted, and pretty grumpy.  But, truly I never do get to the point where I can do it all.  It's just not possible. 

When do I fit time to blog in?
When I first began blogging I was a bit compulsive. Okay. A lot compulsive about all things blogging.  I read the blogs in my reader daily, posted daily, scheduled posts daily...It honestly wasn't a matter of when did I find time to blog, but rather when did I fit life in. Over time I've let go of the pressure of writing daily and even about emptying my reader all the time.  I actually hit the "mark all as read" buttons at times. Now I fit blogging in whenever I can.  During the summertime when I'm off I find myself spending more time reading and writing, but during the school year I read blogs mostly in the evening and write on Saturday mornings or whenever I have something I really want to get out or share. 

Do they view it as a full-time or part-time job or a hobby?Blogging is definitely my hobby.  I blog for me. I realize that I will never be a top mom blogger, make enough money to pay the bills, or get in on the all the great trips or free stuff that the big bloggers get.  I'm okay with that.  Teaching is my full time job and it's my passion.  Now that isn't to say that I don't love all the fabulous opportunities I've received through blogging.  I love hanging out with other bloggers at conferences and events. Oh and I've especially enjoyed all the PR experiences that I've had as well.  I hope they keep coming!

Are their families and off-line friends supportive?My family is pretty supportive.  My husband is always my biggest cheerleader and is always supporting me with whatever I decide.  The kids love when I write about them or share pictures on the blog so I guess you can say they are supportive too.  As far as my off-line friends. Most of them, unless they blog themselves, just don't get what I do so they are not necessarily supportive, but they aren't not supportive either.  They do think it's cool when I get some of the blogging perks!

Do they use daycare or other forms of childcare? 
Since blogging is my hobby and not how I pay the bills I do not need daycare or any other childcare.  I blog mostly when the kids are busy or sleeping so it doesn't interfere with my mommy job.

So there you have it.
My life as a mommyblogger.

What's your life as a mommyblogger like?
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