Saturday, July 9, 2011

Where Is This Summer Going?

The 4th of July came. and went.  It's funny because as a teacher I always say that with the arrival of the 4th of July comes the countdown to back to school.  Summer time just goes by way too fast.

After doing a swell job the last two weeks of almost posting daily I fell flat this week.  For three days I didn't even turn on my laptop.  Imagine!  I did however still have my ever faithful Droid by my side for some mobile twittering and facebooking.  It's been a busy,  busy week jam packed with lots of fun including:



jetski riding 
{it was my first time and I loved it, of course no picture of me enjoying myself as I'm the only one who seems to take the pix}


hot dogs on the grill at the beach

boat rides


and not pictured, pool days with friends, trolley rides to the beach, shopping, and even some yard work.

We are enjoying our summer.
Hope you are too!
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