Thursday, July 14, 2011

Girls Just Want To Have Fun. So Why Can't I?

I never experienced the whole college thing.  I was home-schooled from 2nd through graduation and attended a community college my junior year in high school so that I could graduate early.  I didn't go straight to full-time college either.  Matter of fact I didn't start college until a month after I was married. I was 21.  During my sophomore year I became pregnant with Dylan and then my senior year I was pregnant with Zoe.

My college years were definitely not partying years.  Paying for your college experience makes a huge difference how important you take it.  College was very important.  I attended a local community college where I could get a four year degree through University of Delaware for teaching.  I attended every.single.class. on time, writing notes, staying ahead of my assignments, making the Dean's list every semester, and graduating with a 3.8 {darn math class!}.  Like I said. It was important.

So I never experienced the whole dorm thing. The partying. The sororities. The partying. The living on my own. The partying.

Do I regret it?
No, not really.

But the other day I was complaining to my husband that sometimes I feel like I can't let go and have fun.  It seems like I'm always so focused on what needs to be done, taking care of others, and taking life seriously that there isn't any time to just let my hair down.  I've been that way for as long as I can remember.

I live in a beach town and am surrounded by beach bars and clubs where people my age {older and younger too} go to hang out and have a good time.  I've been invited on a few occasions and have went a couple of those times, but I just can't seem to let my guard down and party the night away.  For one I'm not a beer drinker and buying mixed drinks can cause bankruptcy, for two I'm just not really a big drinker anyways so it doesn't do much for me especially the idea of being sick, three, I can't dance or at least believe I can't so I don't know what to "do", and then four I'm fretting over looking stupid and who's going to see it.

When I confessed this to Dave he responded that it's probably because I didn't have the whole college experience.  That the people who are out doing this are trying to get their college days back or hold onto them in some way.  He said since I don't know what I missed it just doesn't do as much for me.

Makes sense.
Except wouldn't you think since I didn't experience it then, that I may have more reasons to want to now?

and that, you all, is what I'm pondering today.

What about you?
Did you have the whole college experience thing?
Do you find yourself still enjoying those good times when you can?
Or are those days behind you and you're content to let them be?
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