Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Week Ago Today...

We were just going to get some pool chemicals and grab an ice cream cone, but instead

I had the kiddos with me, but everybody was fine.Thankfully. My Tahoe kept everybody safe. While the gas prices have been taking a toll I have to say that in this instance I'm glad I drive a big car.  I, or I should say Dave, was even able to drive the truck home.  He doesn't think there is any major damage, just body damage.  Anyways, it drove...even though it wasn't very pretty.

So it's been a rough week as I balanced the bank account and moved around some bill paying to find the cash for the $500 deductible.  Props to Allstate though because they have been fabulous as they got an estimator out right away so we could get the estimate to the body shop.  Then Hertrich's came to the rescue and my car is in the shop as I type.  I'm crossing my fingers that I may be lucky enough to get the truck back next week.  Haven't heard yet.  But I'm  not giving up hope!

It could have been worse, I know. 
These things happen, I know.
But nevertheless, it stinks.
Not the way I was hoping to start my summer vacation for sure.

Then again, I guess it can only go up from here.
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