Friday, June 17, 2011

...And Summer Begins

Aaaahhhh. Summer vacation.
I'm definitely in the minority of moms as I gleefully count down the days till the start of summer vacation. Today I reached the end of my countdown.  As of exactly 1pm today I'm officially on summer break.  Oh yeah!  It's been a challenging school year, but I went, I conquered, and I made it back around to summer vacation!

I jammed to loud music on the way to pick up my kids from grandma and grampy's house and couldn't wait to treat them to an ice cream cone on the way home.  No such luck though.  My children greeted me with attitudes and bickering and so the ice cream treat went out the window. 

Yep, summer vacation is in full swing.
Now we're home and I'm chilling on the couch.
Thankfully there is no bickering {I think the kiddos are actually just worn out after being entertained by grandpas and grandmas all week while I finished out the school year} and so far we have enjoyed some books together, Zoe made a craft, and Dyl has entertained me with his lego creations. 

We don't have really big plans this summer.
Beach days. Boat rides. Pool times. Barbeques. Bike rides. Ice Cream. Snowcones.
Spending days with family and friend.
Those are the best kind of days.

What are your summer plans?
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