Saturday, April 9, 2011

I think I can, I think I can...Tell me I can, Tell me I can

A couple of years ago out of nowhere I decided I wanted to be a runner.  I was jealous of all the people who effortlessly jogged along the road and desperate wanted to become one of them.  Now, just so you know before that I didn't run.  Anywhere. Ever.

After I did some research on how to even start running, I found the Couch 2 5K program and decided to give it a try.  I  downloaded it on my Ipod and started on Week 1, with a new pair of running shoes of course!  At the beginning of every week I thought to myself, "I'm never to going to be able to get to the next week", but by golly I made it.  All. The. Way.

On April 26, 2009 I ran my first 5K 6K and wasn't even last.  After that I ran a few more races and felt so exhilarated every time I crossed the finish line. Then I stopped.  My treadmill became a glorified closet holding clothes, my running shoes went to the top of my shoe rack, my Nike+ sat unplugged.  I can't really say what happened.  I'm sure life interfered, but why I haven't gotten back to it, I can't really say.

But, things are heading for a change.
Tomorrow I'm running the same 5K that I ran for my first race!  It's for Delaware Autism which is an awesome organization.  About a week ago a coworker was asking me about my running and sharing how she has been trying to run lately.  Through our conversations I started thinking about how I felt when I was running.  The power I had. How I felt good about my body.  I felt healthy and fit.  While she was looking at me for inspiration, I was getting motivation from her!

This past week, I laced up my shoestrings and hit the road.  I ran outside one day and on the treadmill twice.  I sadly discovered exactly how horribly out of shape I am.  But I ran...and walked. It was frustrating to see how my body wasn't toned for running anymore.  I couldn't even do a straight mile when I used to run three.  Guess I have to start at the bottom and run my way back up again.

So tomorrow is the day. 
I'm running {and walking} a 5K.

I've thought a million times today about not going.  My mind is making excuse after excuse about why I shouldn't go.  I'm nervous.  Scared.  Butterflies in my belly.  But, I know I have to do it.  I have to.

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