Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Productive Snow Day

The promise of snow was in the forecast. 
It's been there at least a couple days of the last many weeks so it was nothing new.  Throughout the last few forecasts though, that is far as it has gone.  Just a promise!  I would get so excited, go to bed with my pj's inside out and backwards {it's a teachers secret, but obviously not working this year}, and wake up to...NOTHING!  Then I'd end up being in a bad mood because my dream of a snow day or at least a delay would have been ruined.  So when I heard the forecast of snow last night, I wasn't impressed.  No excitement, no special bedtime routines, no prayers for snow before bedtime.

So imagine my delight when I got "the call" at 5:15 this morning saying that school was CLOSED!  Oh yeah.  The best part is that today was Dave's day off too so we got an impromptu family day.

I started the morning running to the bank and grocery store, then came home to set up an eye doctor appointment for Dyl {after getting a note home from the school nurse that he needed to go, I'm sure this will be providing some future fodder}, change trash providers because I am done paying astronomical prices for trash pick up, and decided to press my luck and see if I could get a hair appointment at the last minute.  I have had a gift card to a local salon since last year, but just haven't gotten there so I gave them a call and couldn't believe my luck when they said they had an appointment.  After my cut and eyebrow wax I felt that I was ready to tackle the world. It's amazing what a visit to a salon can do for mom morale! Do you like??

I've actually been growing out my hair for awhile now, but considering it's probably been almost a year since my last cut, it wasn't looking so pretty resulting in my hair being pulled up every.single.day. And I'm not even going to talk about what my eyebrows looked like.

Anyways, while I was getting dolled up, Dave took Dyl shopping for some much needed new sneakers that I just hadn't had time to get so another thing crossed off my list.   

We then came home and enjoyed lunch together and relaxed around the house.  Zoe decided if daddy was home though then he must want to take her ice skating so they headed out a bit ago to race around the ice.  I got left behind, purely by choice, and had high hopes of writing my free time away scheduling blog posts, but while I, for once, had the time, I had no words.  Even with many drafts in progress I just couldn't find the words.  So what did this mom do with her quiet time? Clean the house of course!! Crazy, I know. 

But at least now my house looks decent and as I sat down to answer some emails I thought I may as well blog about my snow day.  So there you have it.  My productive snow day. Exciting stuff, huh?

Did you have a snow day today?
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