Monday, February 7, 2011

Did you know there was a football game on yesterday?

While, judging by my twitter and Facebook stream, almost everybody in the country was glued to their television {either for the game or the commercials} or stuffing themselves with snacks and drinks, I was not.

Hubby did make some yummy homemade pizzas and chocolate chip cookies for dinner, but other than that no dips, chips, chili, or beer for us.  While I really did have every intention to at least watch the best part of the game, the commercials, it didn't happen.

So while my Superbowl dreams went up in smoke, kinda like...wait who lost???, I am happy to report that I have one clean house!  I spent a good 10 hours dusting, sweeping, mopping, washing, waxing, folding, and boy do I feel it.  One would think I just had a workout with Jillian, I'm so sore.

But, the payoff is so worth it.
You gotta love a clean house!
So now it just better stay that least for 24 hours!

How did you spend your Superbowl Sunday?
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