Monday, February 28, 2011

A Day on the Blades

While mommy is more than happy to sit indoors during the winter, daddy likes to get out and move.  So on a sunny Sunday he decided to dig out the roller blades and take the kids out for some exercise.  While I declined putting on my own blades, I did at least zip up the coat and head out to snap some pictures.

Daddy is an amazing roller blader and Zoe loves when he zips up to her and then picks her up, in case you can't tell by that look on her face.

She was focusing really hard on getting her feet to glide, something mommy still has trouble with!  But, daddy was right there coaching her on.

While Dylan declares himself "more of an indoor person" he even looked like he was mildly enjoying himself.

Trying to keep oneself up and moving on roller blades requires quite a bit of effort and after awhile the kiddos decided it was time for a break. So they crashed right where they were...

I love that Dave is the kind of daddy that gets us up and moving {or at least the kids moving} and me at least out of the house on a winter weekend!

Does your family exercise together? 
What outdoor activities do you enjoy as a family?
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