Monday, January 31, 2011

Send Prayers Please

Here in Delaware we have a new state test.
No more week long tests with a big ol' workbook.  Nope.

Instead, now we get to take two, 3 hour {or how ever long it takes} tests 3 times a year on an itty, bitty laptop.

For my class our second test of the year is today.  We are the lucky ones and test on the first day that the testing window is open for the state.  Our school goal is for every student to raise their test score by 30 points, but nobody really knows what that is going to look like.  Will that be easy to do? Difficult? Impossible?  It's the unknown that scares me.

It's funny because in my 6 years of teaching I've never really been worried about the state test.  I do what I do, my students do what they do, and it has always worked.  I've always seen awesome results and have been very proud of my students.  But this year it's different.  I just don't know what to expect.

So if you get a second today I'd love if you would send a quick prayer, thought, good luck, or whatever you do, my way and for my students too.  Pray that I stay calm for my students. Pray that I find peace in knowing that I've done my best and that was all I could do.  Pray that my students will be able to feel successful. Pray that they may feel pride!  Because we have all worked hard. We deserve it!

While you are praying please send an extra one for Dyl too cause he will be one of the students testing today. Although I think mommy is way more nervous that he it should be. He set his goal of 40 points for a trip to Chuck E Cheese.  Go kick some DCAS butt, kiddo!!!

I'll keep you posted on the results!!
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