Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Confession and a {sorta} Resolution

I have a confession to make.
I didn't know if I made a resolution last year or not!
I had to go back in the box of my chocolates to see if I created one and if I did to see what the heck my resolution was for 2010.  
After a bit of digging I eventually found it

I think it was a pretty decent resolution actually.

I've sat here reflecting on whether or not I would consider my resolution a success.  Did I relax?  While I definitely let some things go last year and chose to live in the moment, I still found myself often getting into a tizzy about things that were pretty much completely out of my control. I will say that last summer I rocked being unplugged and spending time with the family.  I was determined to really get out there and enjoy life rather than living to just blog about it!  Our summer was full of beach adventures, geocaching, crabbing, fishing, bike riding, and just having fun.  It was awesome.

Then in some ways I think I may have relaxed too much.  My scale shows I relaxed my eating habits for sure, my runkeeper shows I relaxed my running schedule, my picture folders show I relaxed snapping memories, my blog posts show I relaxed my blog time, and let's not even talk about what my house looks like right now.

But, you live and you learn right?

Onto this year. 2011.

I thought about writing resolutions.
But, would I stick with them or even remember them?

Then I thought about writing goals for the year, but I get overwhelmed thinking so long in advance so instead I'm considering smaller goals throughout the year.{More of that coming soon}.

So after thinking, and considering, and thinking some more I've decided that I like the idea of the one word resolution type thingy.  But, then came the hard part.  What is my word going to be???

After more thinking, weighing, considering, I got it...

Now I have to clarify that I do not believe in true balance where everything is equally distributed at all times, but instead like these rocks I want to build a balance.  There will be times when something is going to get more attention than something else.  That's life. I want to play more, run races, knit projects, lose weight, work hard, pay off debt, take pictures, write often, and take time to also enjoy the quiet times. At times some of these will take the back seat so that others can become a priority and that's okay.  But by spending time doing all; sometimes, I will {hopefully} achieve 

What do you think?
Did you make resolutions or goals? If you posted about it then be sure to share the link so I can come read all about them and encourage you on your way!

Just realized I'm posting this on 1/11/11...How's that for balance!  I think I'm off to a great start with my resolution!!
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