Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kid Conversations

I was cleaning out my drafts and found these kid conversations that I hadn't shared yet.  They took place quite awhile ago, but still made me chuckle so hopefully they will put a smile on your face today, too!

Dylan: You don't have to get that much stuff ready.  It's not like we are going to Texas.
Daddy: That's where mommy wanted to go on vacation.
Dylan: Why?  She doesn't even speak Texas.
Me: Umm what language does Texas speak?
Dylan:  I don't know.. YeeeeHaaawwww?!

Aunt Steph: What is this? {showing a $5 bill}
Zoe: A dollar. 
Aunt Steph: No, look at the number.
Zoe: Oh, it's 5 dollars.
Aunt Steph: Good, now what's this {she shows her another $5 bill}
Zoe: 5 dollars
Aunt Steph: Yes, so now what do you have {she puts the fives togther}
Zoe: Two five dollars.
or as some may say $10 {which was what Aunt Steph was looking for!}

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