Monday, August 2, 2010

When Do You Blog?

I've spent the past three hours watching that rose show that is like a thorn in my side, but yet I still go back to smell it.  I figured I should be doing something productive while I was wasting time so a blog post it is.

I actually have a question for you all.
When do you blog?
In the morning?
During the day
In the evening?
Late at night?

This summer I have struggled finding the perfect time when my muse hits.  In previous summers the mornings were always my computer time.  I would blog away with my cup of coffee, but for some reason this year it just isn't happening.  My cup of coffee, yes.  Writing posts, No.  

Our days are jam packed with trips to the beach, bike rides to the library, picnics, pool days, cooking, baking, fishing, crabbing, visits to the fair, and just hanging out that there is absolutely no time for blogging then.

So that should leave the night for my blogging, but I find that time is being spent reading books, watching rose shows Food Network, answering emails, and spending some quality time with my hubby.  The night blogging just isn't working for me either, which is especially weird because during the school year night time is computer time for me and the postings always flowed.

I don't know.
Maybe my blogging muse is enjoying her vacation too.
I'm content to keep it the way it is though.
Writing when I choose and enjoying family, friends, summer, and life all the rest of the time!!

But what about you?
Tell me, when do you blog?

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