Friday, July 2, 2010

Zoe's Dance Recital

So I'm a little behind on sharing pictures from this month on the blog.  Since summer vacation began we've been running around like mad which has been awesome, but has definitely put a crimp on my blogging time.   

I'm going way back with these pictures to the beginning of the month when Zoe had her dance recital.  This year was a big {and very looong if you ask her daddy or brother} recital as she participated in a ballet, jazz, and tap performance.  I'm always a proud momma when I watch her dance.  She has come so far in her 4 years of dancing.  She loves the stage!!

Every dancer deserves a bit ol' cup of cotton candy ice cream, right??!!

I just noticed that these pictures are actually perfect timing as her costumes are very 4th of July-ish...yeah, I totally meant to do that!

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