Monday, July 12, 2010

Where Oh Where Has Summer Gone?

I can't believe that it is the middle of July already!
We have been busy here at the beach trying to fill the minutes of summer with fun.  

In the 34 days since school let out...
  • Zoe participated in her biggest dance recital yet 
  • She also performed a dance and got to accompany Ms. Rehoboth Beach on stage during her evening wear competition for Miss Delaware. 
  • Dylan earned his first tennis medal after playing his best matches ever. 
  • The kids and I took a trip to North Carolina with grandpa where we ate watermelons and dove in the pool.

  • We decided to participate in our own Deadliest Catch and have been spending many of Dave's days off on the boat crabbing. 

  • We've gone fishing {You should see all of those big ones that got away!} on the boat.

  • Took Max on his first surf fishing trip too {even bigger ones got away!}

  • Of course we've hung out at the beach.

  • eating our popcorn

  • One night we took the Bethany Beach trolley into town, waving at the people we passed.
  • Another night we spent at the Rehoboth boardwalk racing horses. {Mommy saved the day winning one to bring home, I just have to add!!}

  • Both nights we got to enjoy live entertainment at the bandstands while enjoying our boardwalk treats. Yummm.
  • We have spent numerous days at pools and waterparks with friends having a blast,
  • watched movies outside on big screens, and
  • had sleepovers with friends.
  • We've attended birthday parties, bbq's, and dinner's out with family and friends.
  • I got to see Eclipse with girlfriends on a last minute rendezvous.
  • While the kids enjoyed that last Shrek and Toy Story to ever be.
  • We've been taking lots of bike rides on our comfy Schwinn's, but still have to fight for parking at the beach. {Just look at that big ol' comfy seat that is all mine...I can ride for hours and not walk funny at all!}

  • We have consumed gallons of ice cream, snowcones, and gelato. 
  • Had sweet corn on the cob for dinner multiple times in a week.
  • Then there have also been the naps here and there.  Oh they are so lovely!

  • And we can't forget how we celebrated the 4th of July with more crabs, a bbq, fireworks, and a parade.

I could go on and on, but that would mean that writing this post and sharing these pictures would be interfering with some kind of family fun.  I can't have that!

So yeah, we have had quite the adventures this summer,
with many more waiting to be encountered.

Hope your summer vacation is being filled with family adventures too.
What are some memories you have been making??

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