Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Own Tennis Star

Dylan is my computer, video game, lego playing boy and when it comes to sports he doesn't show that much interest.  That hasn't stopped us from searching for one he may enjoy though.  We've tried karate, soccer, swimming, and our latest is tennis.  

Over the winter he attended a Quickstart Tennis clinic where the instruction involved using Nerf type balls to teach the tennis techniques and be able to make contact.  They follow pretty much the same tennis rules except for a shorter court and an easier scoring system.  Dylan really seemed to pick up on it easily and looked forward to tennis lessons each week.

Then in the spring he was invited to play on a USTA quickstart team where he played doubles and singles matches.  He had a blast!  Here are some pictures of his team and the medal ceremony.

So this summer he is attending a tennis camp for a week and then will start back on the league in the summer.  Of course Grandma Cindy is thrilled as tennis is her thing so she is looking forward to having somebody to play with here at the beach!  

We may have a sports star on our hands after all!!

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