Monday, May 10, 2010

18 more days of getting up at 5:30am

It's Monday and I'm not ready.
I swear for every one thing I cross off my to do list, I add three. 

This weekend went by so quickly.
Saturday was a whirlwind as it began with the March of Dimes walk, then a couple hours spent on the tennis courts watching Dylan kick butt, then a run-in with a migraine that required a nap, and ended with a surprise party for one of Dave's coworkers.  By the end of the day I was quite exhausted and looking forward to Mother's Day especially the sleeping in part.

Now I know there are many who argue the holiday of Mother's Day, saying there shouldn't be such a thing.  While I agree with their idealistic belief that everyday we need to appreciate our moms, let's face doesn't happen.  I, for one, enjoy the idea that I have such a day when I can milk it for what it's worth and not feel guilty for ignoring the dishes, the dustballs, the weeds, and any and all kinds of housework. 

My Mother's Day was pretty close to perfect.  The kiddos had spent the night at grandparents, but were very concerned they wouldn't be home before I got up, so Dave went to get them at a reasonable time while I stayed in bed.  I mean, I couldn't let them down by getting up before they got home.  When they arrived I heard lots of whispering outside my room and then they couldn't wait any longer.  I was given wonderful gifts {thank you to the teachers who helped my kiddos make something special just for me} and led on a scavenger hunt which ended at breakfast: french toast with cool whip and strawberries, sausage, orange juice, and coffee in a very cool reusable coffee cup that looks just like a Starbucks white cup.  

After stuffing myself, I did what every mom should do on Mother's Day, I went back to bed!  I spent some time blogging, surfing the net, playing with my new phone {that deserves a whole post of its own}, and dozing.  It was bliss!

At noon I decided it was time to get moving, or at least to shower before we headed out to lunch.  Every year we go out for all-you-can-eat steamed crabs, something I look forward to as it signals the beginning of the crab season.  For dessert we picked up a lemon meringue and apple pie to take to my mom's house to spend some time with her.  It was a great way to end a beautiful day!

That's when my Mother's Day came to an abrupt ending as the Sunday night craziness took over with baths, folding laundry, packing daycare bags, checking homework...

Mother's Day was fantastic while it lasted though.
I'm blessed to have such a wonderful family!!!

Now to tackle the week, which is sure to be quite busy as I:
  • attempt to teach twenty 5th graders who are DONE with school and ready for middle school {or so they think},
  • attend 1 before school meeting and 2 after school ones,
  • take my class on an all day field trip,
  • beg a private school to accept Zoe next year even if we may have missed the deadline,
  • get Zoe registered for Kindergarten somewhere next year,
  • play mommy every night making dinner, cleaning up, signing homework...
  • prepare for a weekend in NC for the kids and I to visit family.
I can do it!
Because after all there are only 18 days till summer vacation!

How was your weekend?
What's on your agenda for this week?

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