Thursday, April 15, 2010

3-2-1 Blast Off

One of the highlights of our spring break vacation was watching the shuttle launch from Kennedy Space Center.  Monday morning {4-5-10} we got up before the crack of dawn to head to the beach to see what we could see.  

The kids and I huddled together on the cold sand waiting for the launch.

Finally, the sky lit up as the shuttle made its way to outer space.

If you listen carefully you can hear a fellow shuttle observer say "GO USA", and I have to say that you definitely felt pride for your country standing there watching such an amazing event happen before your eyes.  It was awesome.

After watching the light disappear in the sky we jumped back in the car to go find some breakfast.  The excitement of the morning was a bit much for Zoe!

There are only four more launches scheduled before we say goodbye to our space program.  Sad. But, I'm glad that my family got to experience a launch from that close of a range.  

Memory created!

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