Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What I Learned This Week - I Can Survive Losing

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook then you probably heard that last week was when my school voted on teacher of the year or our TOY as we like to call them.  In order to be considered for the ballot you have to teach for 5 years along with meeting a page of other requirements.  Then your name goes on the ballot and the staff votes.  

This was my 5th year of teaching which qualified me to be on the ballot and while part of me was thrilled with the opportunity the other part of me was extremely nervous.  Why so nervous?  Well because basically our teacher of the year vote is a popularity vote.  While yes you are supposed to meet basic requirements such as working with the community, seeking professional development, showing leadership skils, etc., etc. as voters we never have the opportunity to really see or even hear about what the teachers have done.  There is no showcase, interview,  observation, or even campaigning.  The ballot is sent out, you check a name, and the winner is chosen.  So it basically comes down to who has had positive interactions with the most people.

Hence my nervousness.
I know there is a handful of people at my school who do not really care for me.  They don't like that instead of fighting everything, I give it a try with a positive attitude.  They don't like that I've been presented with some awesome opportunities.  Of course, these people also do not consider that nothing has been given to me, but that I have worked my butt off for everything that has came my way.  

I truly love my job (98% of the time) and take personal satisfaction in knowing that I put everything into being the best teacher I can be. I face the challenges of a diverse classroom, state assessments, interventions, more paperwork, and everything else that comes with being a teacher, head on.  I do what I can to the best of my abilities.  Simple as that.  Some people don't seem to like this.

If you know me in real life, you probably know that I am a very competitive person (you can thank my dad for that) so when I heard that teacher of the year was down to me and another teacher of course I was hoping with everything I have that I would win.

But, I didn't.
Which brings me to what I learned this week.
I learned that I can survive losing.

And you know what?
Honestly, it wasn't that bad.
Yes, I was disappointed.
Yes, I totally milked it and had hubby make dinner while I enjoyed a glass of wine.
Yes, it may have been a factor in my weekend shopping.

But, I survived.
And according to my class they all said it was okay because I was still their teacher of the year.  I know, right, those kiss-ups!! 

So now all I have to do is figure what my next goal is going to be?
You know since my plan of winning district teacher of the year has been waylaid at least another year!

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  1. Oh Mel, that sucks. It's like running for homecoming queen or something... and I don't know about you, but I never want to go back to high school! (Once was enough!)

    Your kids and parents know the real story and that's really the bottom line.

  2. Oh, Mel, I've only just "met" you and I can tell you are one unbelievable chic! You're funny and cute. You're a mom AND a teacher!? Forget about it...anyone that can do both of those jobs truly deserves a prize.

  3. Sending virtual hugs your way. Not being by the computer, I missed your Tweets about the results. As a teacher at home on hiatus, I miss teaching. That being said I do not miss the politics at school and the popularity contests. You are an amazing teacher and the kids/parents that are lucky enough to have you know it

  4. I wouldn't consider a popularity contest worth winning. Is there not a TOY award that is based on merit?

    although when I was in college one of my professors said that if we were ever nominated for TOY to turn it down. His reasoning was that once you won the award the big wigs would come to your class room to see how you did it and then tell you that it's all wrong!

    So stay that special teacher that you are and know that your students always think that you are TOY!

  5. Hey, so that means your runner up teacher of the year, right? That's like winning the silver medal - that's pretty good too!
    Congratulations on being 'nominated' for the award - you should be proud of that - because you know: you ROCK!! :)

  6. Yeah, well, is that other teacher nationally board certified? That is definitely NOT a popularity contest.

  7. So sorry you did not win, but clearly you are a winner!

  8. Sorry you didn't win! But sometimes popularity isn't all it's cracked up to be. Keep on doing your job and loving it and doing it well and you'll always win!!!

  9. Sorry you did not win - but we know you are a winner in the kids eyes and in ours too :~)

  10. hard not to win something you have your heart set on....good attitudes make it better though (and shopping)

  11. Bummer you didn't win! But, it's great that you are handling it with such grace.


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