Monday, February 1, 2010

Snowy Adventures

Our weekend was filled with lots of the white stuff and we loved every minute of it! The weathermen predicted 3-6 inches, but our measurements showed almost a foot.

It snowed pretty much all day Saturday, right into the night. We spent the day playing board games while enjoying the toasty fire, sipping hot cocoa and munching on popcorn. It was the perfect way to spend a snowy day.

Sunday, we woke up to to the brilliant, bright white outside. Everything was gorgeous.

We decided to head over to the inlaws house, which we always joke has the only hill in Sussex County. In case you didn't know, Delaware is FLAT as a pancake. Thankfully Grandma had picked up some sled type things for the kiddos so they had those and of course we had our ever handy kneeboard because that's the way we beach folk roll with snow. Check out our fun...


  1. Looks like a blast. But glad I didn't temp fate and drive down with all that snow. Anybody know how to shovel a stone driveway? See you in a few weeks...XO, Aunt Steph


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