Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Midday Person

You always hear people declaring themselves either morning people or night people.  

The morning people wake up at ungodly hours, without the alarm clock making them I may add, with a smile on their face ready to tackle the world.  They hum while they take their showers, get dressed in the first outfit they try on, and enjoy their first cup of coffee.  These people actually greet others with a "Good Morning" as they get up.  

Definitely not a morning person.
I grumble when the alarm clock goes off and want to throw it across my bedroom.  I stomp to the bathroom, mumbling complaints under my breath, to take my shower.  I then try on outfit after outfit because nothing looks right discarding garments all over my bed and bedroom floor.  Finally a million hours later, I am running late for work, as I run downstairs and gulp my coffee to rush out the door and begin the day.  Thank goodness that hubby and son fall into the morning person category above so they are usually up and moving.  Unfortunately, my daughter is my daughter and prefers you don't look at her let alone speak to her in the morning.  She is sure to grumble, whine, and yell if you do!

Then on the other extreme there are the night owls.  These people are more productive at night after everybody else goes to bed.  They tuck their kids in bed, then clean the house, or do laundry, or spend the night on Twitter and Facebook.  They are wide-eyed at midnight, ready to talk and have fun.  

Once upon a time if I had to choose between saying I was a morning or night person, I would go with the latter.  However, two kids, two degrees, and a teaching job later, not so much.  I consider it a huge accomplishment if I make it through all of Grey's Anatomy which ends at 10pm.  Forget it if there isn't something good on tv because you will probably find me asleep before my kids.  I'm talking 9pm at the latest.  Seriously, one time hubby said I needed to see somebody because I went to bed so early!

So I'm not a morning person and I'm not a night person.
Where does that leave me?
I'm thinking going with a "midday person", that works.

What about you?
Are you a morning person? A night owl? or midday, like me?


  1. Girl I am a midday gal just like you. I don't love mornings at all. And I get up so early each day I am usually asleep by 10 each night.

  2. Totally a midday person justlike you!

  3. I never thought about it that way before, but I totally agree with you! Although if I could sleep in every morning, I would probably be a night owl...

  4. Just found your blog and absolutely love it!

  5. Night owl all the way. Mornings suck. Middays I'd prefer a nap. And now that everyone's in bed I'm good. :)

  6. Mel, I'm such a mid-day person, its no joke!! The problem is I have no excuse, I have no kids! I do think that some people are just "wired" differently than others though :)

  7. I am unarguably a night person. I come alive in the wee hours. I used to bartend and it was perfect for me. Then I went corporate and had to get up in the morning and now that I'm a sahm, I, OF COURSE, have a morning person kid. Hate it.

  8. I'm an early evening kind of person.

  9. I always tell people I am a middle of the day kinda girl. I think most people are.


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